Black Zone's Alicia Chinn



Basic info

  • Australian shepherd, bitch
  • Born 30.04.2008, Sweden
  • Red tricolor, long tail
  • Breeder: Kennel Black Zone, Isabelle Lundstedt
  • Owner: Shanti Karinen, Helsinki, Finland
  • FCI & ASCA registered

  • Height: 51cm
  • Weight: 17kg

  • Hips: A/A
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Eyes: cleared regularly, last 02/14
  • Back: unofficially normal
  • All teeth, normal bite

  • Approved working dog test BH
  • Competes in highest class of obedience
  • Competes in highest class of agility
  • Herding ASCA STDscd-titles & 1st leg OTDs
  • ASCA agility titles JS-N & GS-O
  • ASCA obedience 2/3 leg in novice class
  • Approved Finnish mentality test +240 points & secure of gunshots >>> Video
  • Approved Swedish mentality test MH >>> Test results (Finnish)

  • Sire: WTCH Rising Sun's Qwick Draw RTDcs "Qwick"
  • Dam: PT LP1 KORAD Chaboo's Flashes of Fame STDs "Fame"

  • 1st litter at kennel Black Zone's 16.11.2012 >>> More info
  • 2nd litter at Red'n Ready 10.06.2014 >>> More info

    >>> Dracu in Finnish database

    More info

    Dracu is a bitch I imported from Sweden in summer 2008 when she was 8 weeks old. I went to see the breeder Isabelle, dam Fame and the 6-week-old puppies before making a decision and fell in love with this little red girl. In my opinion she was the most secure, active and social bitch and I told Isabelle I must have this little girl. Luckily Isabelle trusted me with Dracu and two weeks later I brought her home. I had big hopes for Dracu to become a good dog for all different dog sports like agility, obedience, working dog trials (tracking, search, rapport etc.) and herding, and she has met them very well. Her pedigree is a very nice mix of pure working line aussies from Hanging tree and her father has proved to be a excellent herding dog. Dracu's mom is a very nice all-around bitch with a mixture on versatile line aussies like Fairoaks and Diamond Aire behind her. She is a intense and willing working dog with good herding abilities. Dracu's name is short from Dracula - a name I came up with after Dracu sank her fangs into my flesh at age 6 weeks and left a nice mark on my hand and in my heart.

    Dracu has really turned out a dream come true - she is everything I wanted in my new dog and more! She is the perfect dog for me in every way: she is very active but not hyperactive. Even though she loves to work, Dracu is a dog with good nerves and she is perfectly happy just being home with us. She had a few months of only short walks on the lead with no training due to a ligament injury and she was as happy as ever. She has an amazing focus and does not notice anything else when we train. She is very easily motivated, loves food and toys a lot but she is also happy to just work for me without reward. She has never had any motivation problems at trials because there is no reward. Dracu is very affectionate towards people she knows and friendly but a bit reserved twords people who she doesn't know. She has a guarding instinct that is quite strong but it might very well be learned behavior from Dante... But she showed a lot of courage in her mentality test when being threatened and I'm positive she would defend me to any lengths. But Dracu is the most affectionate dog and loves to get as close as possible to people and grin her own special grin. Dracu is not bothered by loud noises, odd placed etc. I have never seen her pressured and she takes pressure from me very well. If I'm hard on her she will just try to work better and harder. She is not the most dog social of dogs, she does not bother other dogs if they don't bother her. She would never start a fight, but she will let the other dog know that she does not want to socialize.

    Dracu's health has been generally very good. She has no problems with her stomach (unless you count the numerous times she stole something inedible with Dante and suffered the consequences) and no allergies. Her fur is always shiny and she has not had eye infections etc. She has been x-rayed pretty thoroughly and has good hips, elbows, back, knees etc. The only problem we have had was a accident she had in late 2008 when she hurt her left back leg. She limped it for a few weeks and we went to check it. The vet thought it was probably only a mild strain (she and Dante like to play rough...) and gave us pain medicine and told to keep her in rest for a few weeks. Well, she kept limping after exercise so we went back. Now we took a x-ray and there was some liquid in her knee. We got more meds and rest. In early spring I took her to a orthopedics specialist who diagnosed her with possible knee ligament damage. Because it was pretty mild, she is young and small the vet recommended we try to get her better without a huge operation. We spent the whole spring doing a tight exercise program and by summer I thought she was ok. We started doing a bit of light agility, I started keeping Dracu off the lead etc. But still I thought her movements were not normal. When we checked her hips and elbows in September the vet examined her knee as well. She found pain and we got a strong medicine for infection. We started doing regular fysiotherapy but in 2011 she was limping again and had her knee operated in the spring. Two months of rehabilitation and she was doing agility. Two years later she is still 100% good, let's hope everything will be fine for the rest of her life!

    Dracu's pedigree


    Pedigree of:

    Black Zones Alicia Chinn STDs
    Red C/W F=5.51%
    WTCH Rising Suns Qwick Draw RTDcs DNA-VP
    Red Merle AS-18746G27M-NOPI F=21.40%
    E116730 DL88488507
    WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
    Red Merle C/W AS-8698G33M F=31.67%
    E61004 DL81203401
    Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP
    E50739 DL57402501
    WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
    Slash V Cherry Cola
    Hangin' Tree Roja
    E50740 DL57402502
    WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
    Slash V Cherry Cola
    WTCH Pincie Creek Cherry Sota RTDc DNA-VP
    Red W AS-10830G26F-T F=11.28%
    E73833 DL57851109
    WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear DNA-CP CD PATDcs RD RTDcs
    E53420 DL48489301
    WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP
    Hangin' Tree Cinnamon Teal STDc OTDds
    Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek STDcds
    E60995 DL50915601
    Hangin' Tree Partner STDcds
    Slash V Cherry Cola
    Chaboos Flashes of Fame STDs
    Black C/W RF F=2.33%
    Mr Binks Fairoaks Drum Boogie
    Red Merle C/W F=18.83%
    Ch Starstuffs Still Crazy CD STDds
    E25705 DL46966801
    Ch Manchado Crazy Horse CDX STDc OTDds
    Ch Manchado Chili Pepper
    Fairoaks Sami Jo
    DL46301402 S44620/95
    Fairoaks Atreyu STDd OTDcs DNA-CP
    Boot Hills Ronita of Fairoaks
    Crofter Holdings Crimson Chat
    Black C/W F=15.67%
    Ch Diamond Aire Big Deal CD OTDds DNA-CP
    E39340 DL47017601
    Ch Dealer of Windsor
    Diamond Aire Lace Mantilla
    Bluefires Ice Dancer DNA-CP
    HI111316 S17707/96
    Bearjays Mickey
    Bluefires Little Firedancer
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    Dracu's siblings


    name sex health* results www/owner
    Black Zone's Shmi Skywalker bitch A/A, 0/0, eyes clear herding: OTDscd, ATDsd WWW / Ewa Carlefred, SWE
    Black Zone's Princess Leia bitch A/A, 0/0, eyes clear agility 3rd class WWW / Malin Karlsson, SWE
    Black Zone's Queen Amidala bitch A/A, 0/0, eyes clear herding: STDs WWW / Lasse Stanback, SWE
    Black Zone's Darth Vader male A/B, 0/0, eyes clear WWW / Linda Jonsson, SWE
    Black Zone's Chewbacca male A/A, 0/0, eyes clear WWW / Ann-Catrin Hogling, SWE
    Black Zone's Luke Skywalker male B/B, 1/1, eyes clear obedience winner class WWW / Diana Åhlén, SWE
    Black Zone's Han Solo male A/A, 0/0, eyes clear WWW / Stefan Carlsson, SWE
    Black Zone's Droopy Mc Cool male B/B, 0/0, eyes clear WWW / Harriet Edehol, SWE

    *Hips, elbows & eyes

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