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I'm a small breeder of australian shepherds with the kennelname Red'n Ready. My goal is a heathy aussie with lots of will to work, an all-around working dog, but also a dog that is a pleasure to share your everyday life with. Even though my main goal is not to breed my aussies for herding, I still think it is important to keep the working instincts intact in my dogs. I belive the traits that make them such good performance dogs lay in the same qualities that make them good working dogs. I'm not a big fan of the conformation shows and I prefer to focus my breeding goals in things like health and mentality over looks. I like an aussie that looks like an aussie, but is lighter in bone and coat, a dog built for dirty work and action!

I'm just starting out as a breeder, but on this website you can find more information about my breeding goals, about my dogs, our future breeding plans and hopefully later on you can read more about the litters I have bred. Unfortunatly our blog is only in Finnish, but I post a lot of pictures and videos there so check it out, and the more important news I'll post here on the website in the "News"-section! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions!

Shanti Karinen | shanti.karinen@gmail.com

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