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Wicca (Black Zone's Grand Jury) has been inseminated twice last week! We hope to have puppies around middle of July!

Rudi (Steinhoegl's Taika) has had her official health tests done with great results: hips A/A, elbows 0/0 and back is normal. She has already been tested negative for HSF4 and MDR1. Very good news for possible litter plans for her and of course she can continue with her agility training :)

Wicca also entered an obedience trial today and got 1st prize in class 2! She can next compete in class 3! Also Jedi (Red'n Ready Divine Hercules) was in the same competition with 2nd prize in class 1 and begun his trialing career, good job!

Okay so I have not been better at updating my english page... If you want to keep updated about us go and like my facebookpage "Red'n ready aussies"!

Puppy plans are locked now, check it out! I have found such a good match for Wicca and am really excited with this litter!

Also I finally made a page for my Austria import Rudi, she is owned by me but living in a placement home close by. She will turn 1 year old next week!

In other news, Wicca has got some new results this winter/spring! She passed the first class in obedience with 174,5 points/200 and won her class! Next we compete in open class (class 2). Also she has two 1st place clear runs in agility level 1 - one more to the next class. Wicca also did her Finnish mentality test with +143 points, secure of shots. She had her eyes checked in February - everything looked good but unfortunateley she had one extra hair in the eyelid and has now result mild distichiasis... But this will never bother her or matter in breeding her! :)

Puppy plans for summer 2016! I was originally planning to wait for next year to breed Wicca, but I might be abroad studying then so I have decided to have them from her next heat. Summer puppies are easy for me because I can spend a lot of time with them! If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me!

Wicca has also started her trialing career in agility and obedience. She got 1st place in obedience class 1 and will trial in class 2 next.
In agility we have done mistakes, but fast runs ;) Hopefully she will make it to the next level soon...

I have been very bad with updating the english site, sorry! Will try to be better in the future :)

Litter plans with Dracu have been cancelled due to results of her previous litter's health checks and other family issues. Unfortunately we won't have any litters for a few years at least. I have Dracu's daughter Wicca from her first litter (that has been healthy) but I will wait until they are older and look at the health etc. Also I have imported a female from Austria (Steinhögl's Taika "Rudi") in the summer. She is living with a friend, but I own her and can use her for breeding if I like. So hopefully we will have puppies some day again!

I will update info about Disney-litter asap onto the english site!

Just started working on the english translation of the webpage. It will take a bit of time - sorry for the inconvenience! Getting the different pages translated properly is a lot of work... Probably the english site won't be updated as much as the Finnish one, but I'll try to keep the most important things up to date!

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