Steinhoegl's Taika


Basic info

  • Australian shepherd, bitch
  • Born 18.04.2015, Austria
  • Red bicolor, NBT tail (1/2)
  • Breeder: Kennel Steinhögl's, Austria
  • Owner: Shanti Karinen, Helsinki
  • Keeper: Ria Isokangas, Helsinki
  • ASCA & FCI registred

  • Height: 51cm
  • Weight: 18kg

  • Hips: A/A
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Eyes: clear as puppy
  • Back: Healthy (VA0, LTV0)
  • Normal bite & teeth
  • MyDogDNA-test: HSF4: normal, MDR1 +/+ normal
  • Free through parentage of: HSF4, MDR1, DM, CEA, prcd-PRA

  • Trains agility, obedience and herding
  • Tested in herding, shows natural instinct

  • Sire: Crown Point S Bar L Interception OTDdscd "Slick"
  • Dam: WTCH SHR S Bar L Anny "Anny"

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    About Rudi

    Rudi is owned by me, but lives with Ria Isokangas in Helsinki. She was bought for a breeding dog for my kennel and active sports dog for Ria. I came across the litter quite unexpectedly on facebook when they had just been born. I was keeping my eyes out for a nice working line litter to add to my breeding program and contacted the breeder Doris right away. She still had a few females available, and I suggested the idea to Ria, who was thinking of getting a second aussie. When they pups were 4 weeks old, I travelled to Germany and met up with Doris at Sandra Zilch's farm. Sandra owned the father of the litter Slick, and I got to meet him and his brother Bear. Slick was a large, social and friendly boy, who made a good impression on me with his nice temperament. I also met Doris and some of her dogs, though of course the mother of the litter Anny was at home with the pups. On the same trip I went to meet the pups at Doris's place, and we agreed to buy one. Four weeks later I flew again to Germany and picked up the pup we had chosen for us, Rudi.

    Rudi has grown into a large female with very short coat. She is much bigger than any of my other females, very muscular but also sporty. She was a bit timid pup and is still reserved to strangers and strange dogs. Her owner has done a lot of good work with her, but living in a city can be sometimes a bit challenging with a dog with a lot of guarding instinct. On the other hand Rudi is very affectionate with people she knows, and gets along super well with dogs of her own pack. She spends time here with me too, and she gets on very well with my dogs. She has great social skills in a pack, and is nice and calm at home. As a sport dog Rudi is really cool! She has a LOT of drive, plays tug as well as any malinois, and is highly motivated. She has great focus, when you demand it of her. She can go a bit too high and loud if she is not controlled, but I think she could make a amazing competiton dog for agility, working dog sports or obedience. She is very smart, and learns things fast. In herding she started out a bit wild and loud, but now she has developed a lot and works silently and calmly. She has matured a lot in the past year, and I think it will take a year or two for her to really be an adult. I love having her over, she is a cool and powerful dog, though she needs to be controlled a lot, but all in all I like her very much.

    Rudi has been a ver healthy dog all her life, se has no allergies, does not get upset in her stomach easily, and has passed all health tests with flying colours. She does tend to get a bit stiff in her lower back area, and she has had pretty strong hormonial changes in her heat cycle. In other words mood swings! She gets very cranky around her heat, and then very affecionate after her heat. I remember she had a stomach bug as a pup, but otherwise I don't think she has every needed to visit the vet for anything more than her shots.



    Pedigree of:

    Steinhoegl's Taika

    Crown Point S Bar L Interception OTDcds DNA-VP
    Red Merle w/c
    Crown Point Red Jacks R Wild DNA-VP
    Red Merle w/c
    HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RTDs DNA-CP
    Blue merle w/c
    Crown Point Kemo Sabe
    HOF Crown Point KK Khyan
    Crown Point Rose
    Red w/c
    CH Crown Point Mick
    Crown Point Suki DNA-CP
    W Lazy J JZ Crownpoint Franke
    Black w/c F=4.81%
    HOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron W Lazy J PATDcs RTDcs DNA-VP
    Red w/c
    HOF WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blue RTDc DNA-CP
    HOF Crown Point Fire Starter STDs DNA-CP
    HOF WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2
    Black w/c
    Lor A Yukons Denali
    Lor A Star Blu Lady Quinn
    HOF WTCH SHR S Bar L Anny
    Black w
    HOF WTCH Rafter Mt Coal Tuff RD DNA-CP
    Black w
    Twin Oaks Burnt Mountain Kid STDc OTDs
    Blue Merle C/W
    WTCH Windsongs Falcon RTDcs DNA-CP
    The Fiddler of Twin Oaks
    WTCH Justus Red Hurricane CDX DNA-VP
    Red W
    HOF WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP
    Cheers For Justus DNA-CP
    S Bar L Maggie STDcsd DNA-CP
    Black w/c
    Black w/c
    HOF Justus McCain of Pincie Creek STDcds DNA-VP
    HOF Lightfoot Sis of Pincie Creek STDcds DNA-VP
    HOF WTCH Deep Blue Heaven In May RD DNA-CP
    Blue merle w/c
    Good Hills Leo DNA-CP

    Rudi's siblings

    name sex health results other
    Steinhoegl's Tamu female hips B1/B1, elbows 0/0, OCD-free lives in Germany
    Steinhoegl's Tirza female hips B/B, eyes ok lives in Austria
    Steinhoegl's Thekla female hips A1/A1, eyes ok lives in Germany
    Steinhoegl's Taryn female hips B/B, elbows 0/0, OCD-free lives in Austria
    Steinhoegl's Tabby male eyes ok lives in Slovakia
    Steinhoegl's Talis male eyes ok lives in Austria
    Steinhoegl's Taif male eyes ok lives in Romania
    Steinhoegl's Thury male hips C1/C1, eyes ok lives in Austria

    *Hips, elbows & eyes

    Copyright Shanti Karinen 2013-2014, pictures by Tiia Hämäläinen